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Lead Teacher

Kia Ora, I am the Kaitiaki Room team Leader and love getting to know the funny and curious natures of our tamariki.  I enjoy an active and happy lifestyle and love to have a laugh with family and friends.


Bachelor of Education - Teaching (ECE)
Teacher Registration 346131


Key Teacher


Kia ora,  I am a registered ECE teacher with a wide range of experiences teaching all children, however my passion lies with infants and toddlers.  I am a key teacher in the Kaitiaki room and enjoy getting to know all of the children, being part of their learning journeys and seeing them grow.  My areas of interest are teaching infants and toddlers, learning about the importance of the first three years as well as getting out and enjoying the outdoors when I’m not at work.

Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

Teacher Registration 355826


On Leave


Key Teacher

Kia Ora, I have worked in the ECE sector for over 10 years, gaining my degree in ECE in 2015.  I have worked at C&R since 2016 as a key teacher in the Kaitiaki Room, spending most of my time with our infants.  Over the years of working in ECE I have found that my passion is working with infants and toddlers, helping them to learn, grow and reach their full potential.

Bachelor of Education - Teaching (ECE)

Teacher Registration 357482


Key Teacher

Kia Ora, I have been at Christopher and Robin since October 2015.  I have a passion for teaching and learning with young children and am currently working as a key teacher with the infants to 2 year olds in the Kaitiaki room.

Bachelor in Primary Teaching

Graduate Diploma in ECE

Teacher Registration 305658


Key Teacher


Kia Ora, I am a key teacher in the Kaitiaki rūma where I enjoy learning alongside the tamariki.  My passions are building relationships with the tamariki, their whānau and my team mates and incorporating Te Ao Māori into daily Center life.  I love spending time outdoors, especially spending time with my own tamariki at the beach or lakes.


Centre Manager

Kia Ora...  I have the great pleasure of being the Centre Manager here at Christopher and Robin.  I have been in education for over 10 years.  As a parent of two young children, I understand the expectations, worries and questions that parents face when choosing a quality childcare centre.

I am passionate and committed to the concept of whanaungatanga, building relationships with tamariki and their whānau, to ensure the best for all.  I am dedicated to the values of quality teaching and the foundations of our centre philosophy. 

I look forward to supporting you and your tamariki in achieving your educational aspirations, hopes and dreams.  Ngā mihi.

Bachelor of Primary Teaching

Graduate Diploma in ECE

Diploma in Business Management

Teacher Registration 328691


Administration Manager

I am the Office Manager and the first face you'll see here at C&R.  I am a compassionate person with a love of children’s well being.  I am passionate about our families and helping to provide a healthy and safe place for all children and their whānau and look forward to serving you here at the Centre!

Trained in Xero Accounting
Trained in ACE Payroll
Certified Trainer of QuickBooks Accounting


Relief Teacher

Teacher Registration 318022


Relief Teacher

Teacher Registration 367586


Teacher & ESW

Kia Ora, I am a relieving teacher and Education Support Worker (ESW) for one of our students here at C&R.  I work with him each morning and then spend the afternoons supporting the Kaitiaki room.  I love spending time with my whānau, embracing my Māoritanga and nuturing others.  I love singing, kapahaka, playing musical instruments, and any chance to engage my creativity; like painting, dancing and creating beautiful and interesting things.


Lead Teacher


Key Teacher


I am one of the senior educators here at C&R in the Te Puawai room.  I love working with my team as well as being a mentor.  I’m passionate about the wellbeing of all tamariki that are in my care and my number one goal is for them to succeed to their full potential.  My passions include the outdoor environment, physical play, getting out and about in the community.

My motto is Healthy Body=Healthy mind.

Bachelor of Education - Teaching (ECE)

Teacher Registration 306284


Key Teacher


I am a key teacher in the Te Puawai room.  My role here at C&R is to be a supportive and active team member who embraces and accepte themselves for who they are and support tamariki to reach their full potential.  I am passionate about my work because I love what I do and am naturally committed to working towards positive outcomes which motivates me to do my best in any situation.  I hold strong beliefs in building positive and respectful relationships with others.  My passion is nurturing tamariki in the development of social and emotional competency and I am also interested in neuroscience.

Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

Teacher Registration 374419


Key Teacher


I am a key teacher in the Te Puawai room.  Here at Christopher and Robin I enjoy creating an environment that the tamariki get excited about.  Seeing tamariki smile after achieving their successes makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I love the challenge of not knowing what each day will bring.  If I can make tamariki laugh and smile and create a spark of excitement then I have achieved success for myself.  I am passionate about being a good person to those around me and strive to make someone smile everyday.  I look forward to going home and spending time with my own beautiful tamariki at the end of a day of learning here at the Centre.

Certificate in Nutrition for early childhood
167—168 Food Handling


Key Teacher

I have lived in Whangarei all my life.   I am a nurturer for the tamariki in the Te Puawai room where I am a key teacher.  I love spending time with my family and I have an Indian redneck and a cockateil named Nyx and Tweety.  I love Harry Potter, Japanese anime and I am an avid reader.