Here at Christopher and Robin, we value the importance of getting children’s minds and bodies ready for the more formal early learning of school and developing life long skills for learning.

We see our tamariki as confident and capable learners who have a wide set of skills, interests and abilities. We support each child through their play, to develop foundation skills for formal learning such as fine motor skills, gross motor, core strength, self help skills, curiosity, independence and most importantly - a love of learning.

Our four year olds get to do special excursions such as one group per term goes swimming once a week and monthly visits to Whangarei Gymnastic Acadamy (WAGS), learning skills that will help bridge their transition to school.

We see the transition to school as an important process for our tamariki, their whānau and the new schools to all actively be involved in. We have developed great relationships with many of our local schools, where we have regular visits from New Entrant teachers and we even attend some of the school events such as Otaika Valley School’s AG day.